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Do This-Not That

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Do This-Not That > Cool Facts and Inspirations

Cool Facts and Inspirations

Author: FreeDigitalPhotos

Do know training causes adaptation.

Do know as you adapt you get better.

Do not fear hard workouts, embrace them.

Do know that the end of the race is all heart.

Do know that you can drink too much water.

Do rest from training as this makes you faster.

Do know you made a big step just by beginning.

Do know that you can eat during your cool down.

Do know that you are getting better in your sleep.

Do know that the human body can work very hard.

Do know athletes give up mentally before physically.

Do workout hard on hard days and easy on easy days.

Do get enough sleep; it is when your body adapts to training.

Do know that you are training when you drink, eat and sleep.

Do repeat the same time you go to bed within 15 minutes every night. 

Do know we need to endure more pain than the other competitors.

Do know that you can endure pain more than any other competitor.

Do know athletes who aren't racers avoid anaerobic work (hard work).

Do know that staying hydrated makes transporting oxygen more efficient.

Do know most athletes are psychologically winning before physically winning.

Do know that training makes you sore and you need to recuperate from training.

Do train with people who are better athletes than yourself so they pull you further.

Do know that your best recovery is eating within 30 minutes after conclusion of your workout.

Do know human nature is to take it easy, competitors are the opposite. You need to push yourself.

Do know most coaches do not believe that their athletes work hard enough to excel on a national stage.

Do eat complex carbohydrates within 30 minutes of the conclusion of any workout to achieve best results.

Do know that you don’t sleep because your body needs to rest; you sleep because your mind needs to rest.

Do know that after a vigorous workout water is great but may not be enough because your body needs electrolytes to recover.

Do know physiological emersion enables each day to gets easier by getting momentum and making training correctly a part of your routine.

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