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Do This-Not That

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Do This-Not That > Fear


DON’T make fear a habit.

DO know that fear distracts you from the task at hand and what you can accomplish. 

DO know that fear hypnotizes you. Stay focused on your goal. 

DO know that fear makes you sick, both physically and mentally. 

DO know that fear stops your progress; keep that in mind when you feel like giving up.

DO know that fear ruins sports judgment. Identify and compartmentalize your fear to keep your head in the game. 

DO know that fear makes you stop trying. Don’t let it!

DON’T be afraid to challenge yourself further. Set goals, reach them, and set new ones!

DO know that fear starts as mental, then progresses to physical. Stop it in its tracks. 

DON’T be afraid of looking foolish. Everyone has to start somewhere. 

DO know that you will only fear obstacles when you take your eyes off your goals. 

Do This, Not That à Great Athlete Hallmarks 

DO make things happen. DON’T wait around for others to make them happen!

DO work hard in practice. Preparation counts. 

DO work through pressure. 

DO take charge of situations. 

DON’T make same mistake twice. 

DO make others around you better.

DO rely on past experiences to get better – live and learn. 

DO know that all preparation leads to reaching goals.

DO understand the ability to obtain goals and continue to set new goals, working hard all the while. 

DO know that the hallmarks of a great athlete include, concentration, working hard and intensity.

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