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Do This-Not That

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Do This-Not That > Making A Difference

Making A Difference

Author: FreeDigitalPhotos

DO plan.

Do keep a log. This allows you to see your progress and is a great motivator.

DON’T have any limits. Limits were made to be passed! 

DO maximize your potential.

DO know that limitations are temporary.

Do surround yourself with positive people.

DO organize your days with time management. Make the most of what you have.

DO analyze your races to find ways to improve in the next. 

DO work your hardest to reach your true potential.

DO know that imagination is just as powerful as will. Dream big!

DON’T live in world of “what if?”. It’s better to say “I tried” than “what if?”

DO know that bodies work perfectly and you can achieve anything – it’s the mind that gets in the way.

DO know that a loss begins a chance to gain, and always learn from your losses.

DO know that if you do the same things all of the time, you won't get better.

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