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Do This-Not That

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DO wake up early.

DO plan your eating and stick with your plan.

DO plan your race and stick to your plan.

DO blow out the distractions by breathing out.

DON’T try new foods before a race if possible – you never know what effects they’ll have on you!

DO wear normal and familiar gear to your race. Be comfortable.

DO stay low key and relaxed before your event. 

DON’T change routines before a race if possible.

DO go to bed at a normal time before your race.

DO eat normal and familiar food before your race.

DON’T try new equipment during a race if possible.

DO imagine and visualize your race to be successful. Positive thinking is key to success!

DO be prepared early and get away from distractions. 

DO know that proper planning prevents poor performance.

DON’T think about minute details – think only about the race.

DO know that well-planned and well-executed races are pieces of art. 

DO plan way in advance. Lay everything out the night before and mentally prep yourself!

DON’T change your normal routine the day before an event.

DO listen to your favorite music before your race to get pumped up. Make a playlist ahead of time!

DO learn from your mistakes, and make yourself better and stronger.

DO know that races are too important to make the same mistake twice.

DO relax the night before an event the best way that you know how.

DO know that training days are all preparation, and that the races are the big day.

DO debrief your race afterwards to see how your specific plan went, what worked, and what didn't.

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