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Do This-Not That

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Do This-Not That > Success


Author: FreeDigitalPhotos

DO have courage.

DO get enough sleep.

DO believe in yourself.

DO have a back-up plan.

DO take care of yourself first. You can’t take care of anyone else properly unless you’ve taken care of yourself. 

DON’T give in to peer-pressure.

DO consider having good health as having success.

DO have self-confidence. It’s an important key to being successful in any arena. 

DON’T get upset if you have a bad day. Keep moving forward. Go exercise and clear your mind!

DON’T be jealous of the success of others. Congratulate them. Your time will come, too.

DO make your dream a reality through determination and hard work. 

DO strive to be an early bird. The early bird truly does catch the worm!

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