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FITTODO was created to demonstrate that getting physically and mentally more fit can be as simple, easy, and fun as possible! Countless diet programs have been around for decades; many of them are unhealthy. Others are too complicated or difficult to follow, and none of them work long term.

Life is a series of choices; these choices give us the power to shape and mold our lives, and influence outcomes. We would all be better served if we chose to eat healthily. A healthy diet is just one part of long-term weight management! You can eat whatever you want – no one is stopping you. FITTODO will assist you in choosing wisely, making smart choices, better choices, and healthier choices. After you’ve made those choices, FITTODO will help you count calories to lend even more structure to your healthy eating habits!

FITTODO suggests breaking your day up into six smaller meals. Basically, you’re eating almost all of the time, but by eating properly and at the correct times, you’ll keep your metabolism raging and manage to lose weight – and keep it off long term. This ultimately allows us to become healthier and increase our chances of living longer, healthier lives.

FITTODO teaches us that eating every two-and-a-half to three hours will provide us with the ability to enable better fitness. FITTODO then breaks your daily diet up into points, based on calories per day. Each of your six meals will be assigned a value that guides you through the process and instructs you as to how much you should eat. FITTODO then either adds or subtracts point values for each meal according to the goals and activity levels you achieve each day.

FITTODO subscribes to a point system – a nutritional philosophy based on calories. Simply put, this means calories in versus calories out – if the number of calories out is greater than the number of calories in, you lose weight. It’s a long, slow progression, not a race. The more you stick with the point system, the more benefits you will achieve!

FITTODO helps you keep the point system in real time with a point scheduler graph that allows you to track points based on meals during the day, week, month and year. The breakdown is simply by meal options, not thousands of confusing recipes and food groups. You’ll never be hungry because you will eat regularly and often.

FITTODO does not recommend any particular diet or diet type; everyone is different, and only you can decide what option is best for you. We suggest that you find foods that you enjoy eating, foods that are easy to prepare, and foods that are healthy choices. This way you’ll continue to make healthy living choices and enjoy making them!

Living a Healthy Lifestyle
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