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Image: YaiSirichai / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Vitamins, supplements and minerals are essential to good health because they help the body function properly. Like food, vitamins are “micronutrients.” Vitamins are essential for the body’s growth and repair. They’re needed to help repair and heal cells, aid in digestion, help the nervous system and organs do their jobs, help sustain energy levels, and prevent disease. Vitamins and minerals also boost the immune system, keeping you from getting sick as easily.

Vitamins are generally available in three forms:

  • Packets
  • Capsules
  • Powder

Daily usage of multivitamins can help you restore vitality, strength, and good health. They properly supply nutrition to your heart, brain, bones, immunity, and nearly every system in your body becomes stronger and healthier.

Vitamin supplementation can also be helpful for those diagnosed with a deficiency. Vitamin deficiencies can lead to health issues. For example, a Vitamin D deficiency can lead to osteoporosis. Certain vitamins do certain things; Vitamin A helps prevent eye problems, while Vitamin B-12 manufactures red blood cells. Since vegans do not eat animal products, they should take a B-12 supplement to replace what’s lost from not consuming eggs, meat and dairy foods. 

Vitamins (prenatal vitamins) are additionally needed during pregnancy, or for a woman considering pregnancy. Ask your OB-GYN about the best choice for you. Each vitamin has a specific task. It’s important to know how they are beneficial to good health. Consult your physician or dietitian for a vitamin plan that’s individual to your needs and preference!

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