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Family And Friends

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Fit and healthy people tend to put their problems into better perspective, therefore creating better relations with others. Exercise decreases depression and anxiety, and enables you to express your frustrations and anger in a more positive way. A calmer mind can help you become a better role model for your children. Your optimism will also rub off on friends and relatives, and perhaps inspire them to take charge of their health too.

  • Getting away from the television and computer and spending more time with people you love will nourish your relationships and make them stronger.
  • Having more stamina in the evening will keep the romance alive with your partner.
  • Find other ways to enjoy the company with friends and family besides going out to eat! Perhaps a night of bowling or roller-skating? Or maybe a Sunday spent hiking or swimming at a lake?
  • Most gyms have guest passes. Take a good friend as a guest to a gym for a little healthy competition and some major motivation!
  • Be the person in the family who runs around and plays with the children! By doing this, you’ll stay fit during the holiday season and be too occupied to keep snacking after dinner.
  • Keep complaining down to a minimum and don’t gossip. Instead, keep conversations intellectual, fun and upbeat – why not share your latest workout tips or healthy recipes?
  • Enjoying the company of others is needed to feel your best. Seek positive connections with friends and relatives that are upbeat and interested in you.

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