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Improved Romance

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Healthy people tend to be more successful in the field of romance – believe it! With increased energy and a positive attitude, relationships tend to run more smoothly and experience minimal tension or friction.  When couples are relaxed, they tend to be more loving towards each other. A good mental attitude is key to a satisfying relationship. In addition to providing the mental stamina for a better outlook towards relationships in general, exercise is also a key factor in sexual function!

  • Vigorous exercise can be effective at lowering impotence risk, having more frequent sexual activity and orgasms, as well as overall greater satisfaction.
  • One of the major reasons couples have less sex is due to low self-esteem. Obesity can cause a person to feel unattractive, therefore leading them to avoid sexual activity.

With a sound weight loss and exercise program, a person's overall sense of wellbeing can improve drastically and bring the fire back into their sex life. A fit and healthy person can also have the strength to leave an unsatisfying relationship, whereas a person with low confidence and low self-esteem will most likely stay. A confident person does what it takes to have the best in his/her life to grow as a person. With FITTODO, you will become the master of your life, taking charge of all areas, including your relationships.

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