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Sleep Habits

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Sleep Habits > Sleeping Necessities

Sleeping Necessities

Author: FreeDigitalPhotos

There are several crucial elements to getting a good night’s sleep. The obvious things you need are a bed with a comfortable mattress, a pillow, sheets and a maybe a blanket. However, there are other things to consider as well, such as the room itself that you are sleeping in. In order to have a good night’s sleep your bedroom should be dim and without light from a computer, clock or television set. Other tips for optimal sleep include:  
  • Be sure that your room is at a comfortable temperature and there’s good air quality.
  • Be creative and make your bedroom a serene environment.
  • Clutter can definitely interfere with your sleep – make an effort to keep your room organized, and ensure your bedside table is clutter free.
  • Keep your thoughts positive. Don’t go to bed worrying about your job or any other stressful situation. This is your time to be at peace and totally relaxed.
  • Use your bedroom for intimacy and sleep only.
  • Do not bring food to bed.
  • Don’t bring the computer to bed.
  • Don’t have a television set in your bedroom.
  • Sleep masks will often help to block light and assist you in sleeping better.
  • Try to clear your mind before sleep.
Of course, with the stresses of daily living you won’t always get the best sleep. FITTODO will give you all the tips and assistance you need to ensure you can get the zzz’s you need to have happy, healthy days!

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