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You’re busy, we know.

If you’re anything like me, you’re running around like a chicken with its head cut off for most of the day. Things get hectic, and things slip through the cracks. All too often, these things are the things that you really shouldn’t let slip – the things that will make a big difference in your health and wellness.

Take it from me. I have to set an alarm in my phone for everything, from birthdays to birth control. One thing that I find myself constantly forgetting? Vitamins and supplements.


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Ya gotta take them, ladies and gents. You may shrug it off, but vitamins and supplements are integral to a healthy lifestyle, especially when you can’t eat natural whole foods 24/7. Of course, everyone needs an individualized plan, so check with your doc to figure out what’s best for you (and to make sure it won’t mess with any other meds you take). However, there are a few things that you can run out and snatch up next time you hit the grocery store: 

Multivitamin. GET ON IT, people. Multivitamins are an easy and relatively cheap way to make sure you’re getting all the vitamins you need to function at optimal level. In an ideal world, you’d get everything you need from natural foods. Unfortunately, we live in the 21st century, where sometimes breakfast gets forgotten or dinner consists of whatever you can grab out of the Starbucks pastry case. Find the type of multivitamin that’s right for you and integrate them into your morning routine… fast.

Calcium. This one is especially important for us chicks – osteoporosis is no laughing matter. Age is just a number, but broken bones take their toll on overall health, especially in seniors. Us girls are five times more likely to get osteoporosis than men, so this supplement – which strengthens bones – is absolutely essential. You can even get yummy chocolate calcium chews, so quit yer’ whining and start supplementing! Oh, and Vitamin D aids in calcium absorption, so you might want to invest in a bottle. It also helps to stave off cancer, cardiovascular disasters, and depression.  


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Omega-3. This usually comes in the form of fish oil (and now they have smaller tablets that don’t make your breath reek of fish, so no excuses). These fatty acids have a ton of health benefits, including improved cardiovascular health, lowered triglycerides, reduced inflammation, stiffness, and joint problems, and in some cases, they even help to treat depression.

Other vitamins and supplements you may want to give a run for their money include B12 (for energy), probiotics (to make sure things are running smoothly in the digestion realm), glucosamine, vitamin C, iron, potassium, and zinc.

Like I said, consult with your doctor to make sure you’re planning a supplement system best suited for you and your lifestyle. And remember, vitamins aren’t a magic bullet – just because you take them every morning like a good girl or boy doesn’t mean you can go out and scarf down McDonald’s on a daily basis or glue your butt to the couch 24 hours a day.

Make the effort! Your health is important and your body is the only place you have to live – take care of it like you take care of that shiny new ride or trendy two-story townhouse. 

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5/17/2012 3:14:09 PM|KRIS.VANVONDEREN

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