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When it comes to healthy living, snacking is not necessarily the enemy. In fact, snacking can be your best friend, if you snack wisely. Snacking helps control your appetite and alleviates binging. It’s a good idea to eat a healthy snack before going out for a big dinner so you don’t over eat. In order to snack smart, you have to consider the source. Choose snacks that are natural, healthy and less than 100 calories. Avoid sugary snacks like soda, candy, ice cream and cake. Instead consume foods that satisfy hunger and keep you full for longer periods of time. Healthy suggestions include: a slice of whole wheat toast, fruit or yogurt. You will feel full longer if you combine lean protein, healthy fat and complex carbohydrates; for instance an apple with peanut butter or an avocado mashed and spread on a whole wheat bagel. By including healthy snacks into your diet and eating smaller meals throughout the day instead of just three your blood sugar levels will remain stable and you’ll be energized throughout the day.

Most eye problems in children are due to accidents and trauma, whereas adults tend to experience eyestrain due to improper use of the eyes and exposure to harmful conditions. Read along to find out tips on taking good care of the eyes for various age brackets.

- By admin On 27 Dec 2010 Getting Started

I love to go on road trips. But staying healthy on the road is always a challenge. So many people talk about gaining weight when they go on vacations. It makes sense. You’re eating out more, maybe exercising less and sitting for long periods in a car (or on a plane). But vacationing doesn’t necessarily have to mean gaining weight. It is possible to come back from a trip just as fit as you were when you went away – or maybe even more fit!

- By admin On 27 Dec 2010 Getting Started | Sports And Activities

It’s easy to be inspired to ride your bike when the weather is gorgeous. But good health isn’t seasonal. It’s important to keep up with your favorite sports, like cycling, year long. These suggestions will keep you cycling throughout the winter season.

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